Ireland Heart of David Tour Aug 2019

There is a song hidden deep within the mountains and moors of Ireland that was composed even before her birth. That song is yet to be finished…
— Ray Hughes


You can register and pay online or you can download the printable registration form if you prefer to pay by check or money order. Your total cost of $2,695 covers all Hotel Accommodations, all Breakfasts and Dinners, Sightseeing and Admission Fees, Tour Guides, Clinicians, all Touring Expenses including coach tour bus, fuel surcharges, tips and taxes.  Airfare and personal incidentals are not included in the cost of this trip.

Heart of David Ireland Tour

Join us as we experience the Irish Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, mountains and bogs, cathedrals and pubs, castles and cottages, ancient ruins and bustling cities. This unique tour is custom designed to engage Ireland at a pleasant and experiential pace. 

Although we will be visiting many sites and cities, the mission is not to fit in as much as possible. Our plan is to take in as much as possible. There are so many new fun adventures to be had, new lifelong friends to be made, and there is a new understanding of God’s heart to be experienced!

Surrounded by the indescribable beauty of Ireland, you will be challenged and awakened to new levels of creativity, spirituality, and Holy Spirit inspiration. Your eyes and hearts will be opened to see the beauty of creation and it’s Creator on a whole new level.

Ray & Denise Hughes invite you to join them this August for an unforgettable journey across Ireland. He will tell the stories that you will tell again and again. They will show you the places that will grab your heart and forever call you back.


Heart of David, Ireland Tour Itinerary


August 18 our journeys begin as we each depart the US to meet up tomorrow morning at the Dublin, Ireland airport. 


DAY 1. August 19 Begins on August 19 when we all meet at the Dublin Airport. Watch for all the happy faces that arrive well rested and ready for the adventures that await them. We will board the comfort of our awaiting coach and travel a short distance to Bray, a quaint village on the Irish Sea.  

At the edge of the Wicklow Mountains, in one of the last formal gardens of Europe, under the shadow of Sugarloaf Mountain is a perfect place to start. We will be visiting Powerscourt Estate and walk through one of the most beautiful and elaborate gardens of the world; then on to the highest waterfall in Ireland! This will be the perfect place for orientation and the beginning of our amazing journey together. 


Day 2. August 20 Today our wake up call will be the beautiful sound of the Irish Sea as it reaches the shore in front of our hotel. After breakfast we are off to Glendalough, a 6th century monastic settlement where we will learn of St. Kevin and what creative community would have been like in the days of solitude, silent beauty, and sacred song. In the afternoon we are off to one of the most picturesque sights in all of Ireland, the magnificent Rock of Cashel, a fortified medieval abbey in the heart of County Tipperary. 


Day 3. August 21  Sweet dreams will be lovingly interrupted in Killarney. Today we will travel the Ring of Kerry and don’t even think about putting your camera away. Don’t even think about leaving your journal in your room. Don’t even think about your job back home. Don’t even think about politics or social media. Today is a breathe deeply day of unparalleled beauty and inspiration. Enjoy and take it all in. Castles and ring forts, quaint villages and life.


Day 4. August 22 Our first morning excursion will be a step back in time at Bunratty Folk Park, a meticulous re-creation of rural life in Ireland. We will learn much of Ireland’s wondrous past here. After lunch we are off to the world famous Cliffs of Moher. This is a breathtaking view of a cliff face rising 650 feet above the Atlantic.  Then, it’s off to Galway City for dinner and dreams. 


Day 5. August 23 Today you wake up on the West Coast of Ireland in the bustling city of Galway. After breakfast we make our way to County Mayo to a lovely little village called Cong, on the shores of Lough Corrib. This is where the 1950’s classic movie “The Quiet Man” with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara was filmed. As you stroll past Ashford Castle you will see why this spot was chosen. We will walk past meadows and fields and old growth forests and streams until we reach the waiting Falcons and Harris Hawks. Yes, we will be flying birds of prey. Yes, in Ireland. A day of moments to remember forever. Then back to Galway for a night on the town.


Day 6. August 24 Today we board the ferry for the Aran Islands and when we step off of the dock on Inishmore we will step back in time. Austere landscape and dry stone walls for miles.  Stunning coastal views set to the rhythm of the horses clattering hoofbeats while the jaunting carts carry us even farther back in Irish history to an Iron Age Fort called Dun Aonghasa. It is known to be the most magnificent barbaric monument in Europe.


Day 7. August 25  Our last morning in Galway. We will board the bus and head for Dublin and experience some of the nightlife in Ireland's most famous city. 


Day 8. August 26 We will take an excursion to a sight of incredible significance in Ireland’s history. In the days of the Celts the Hill of Tara was the seat of the High Kings of Ireland. It is not only the political high place of days past but it was also the spiritual high place until Christianity was introduced to Ireland. It is clearly one of the most profoundly spiritual places you will ever be, and you will sense it as you stand and look across the ages of this emerald green landscape. We will make our way back to Dublin and board a Famine Ship, the Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship and Famine Museum, for a unique onboard experience as our hearts and imaginations journey back to some of the darkest times in Irish history. This will be a gripping and important part for our journey. We will spend an exciting evening in Dublin, experiencing Adventures O’Plenty. Make sure your batteries are charged.


Day 9. August 27 Today is our final day in this land that will forever call us back. So, today is filled with sights and sounds of the streets of Dublin. After visiting Trinity College and seeing the world famous Book of Kells and the Old Library, you will be given numerous options for excursion throughout the city. Also, time will be given for shopping for all of those last minute souvenir items that you cannot go home without. Our last evening together will be one to remember and remember and remember until we must return, for Ireland will forever call you back.


Day 10. August 28 Lots of hugging. Lots of crying. Lots of memories finding their way into the deeper parts of our hearts. Lots of dreams taking shape. Lots of changed and thankful sojourners heading home trying to figure how to tell everyone what happened and why our lives will never be the same.