Wales: Ray's Recommended Reading List

Here are a few books that Ray recommends to help you prepare spiritually and emotionally for your upcoming trip to Wales with Penny Whistle Travel. These books are full of inspiring stories and testimonies of God's mighty acts of love expressed in Wales.

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Cell Phone and IPad Usage in Europe & Great Britain

What You Need to Know about Cell Phones & iPads When Traveling in Ireland, Scotland or Wales

Almost everyone asks what is the best thing to do with their cell phone while on a Penny Whistle Travel tour. 

I personally recommend taking full advantage of the experience by just keeping your phone off while we are seeing and feeling and tasting and hearing so many new and life changing things together. But I completely understand that it is not always possible to just cut all communications with friends and family back home. In addition, most of us use our phones or iPads to take photos, make notes, set alarms and listen to music. 

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