Scotland Holy Flames Tour 2019

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Holy Flames in Scottish Winds

May 6 - 19, 2019

with Ray Hughes - Historian, storyteller, musician, and minister to the nations.

and James Nesbit - Nationally recognized Prophetic Artist and Intercessory worshipper and conference speaker are coming together for what could prove to be a journey of a lifetime.


Scotland is known for its stark beauty and glorious history. It’s abundance of legends, ballads and poetry awakens the warrior poet in us all. However, there are stories that are yet be told. This is an invitation to those who have a desire to explore this amazing land with us on a spiritual treasure hunt with strategic spiritual purposes. We believe that there are embers of former fires lying hidden in the land that will return to full flame and burn with an even greater glory than their first.

Some of the most beautiful and life impacting places in the world are also some of the most hidden and forgotten. The same goes for people. Some of the most forgotten people are some of the most beautiful and when their stories are discovered they are the most life impacting. Today’s world would be a very different and more beautiful place if we knew how to remember yesterday’s world. It starts with looking and listening, seeing and hearing the overlooked and seeking out the unheard. For some of those glorious stories of the past are sure keys to Scotland's glorious future and ours. The scriptures tell us to remember God's mighty acts and tell of His wondrous works to the generations to come.

Ray will be telling the stories of Scotland’s past as we journey through some of most beautiful places on earth. We will hear the stories of the people and land where some of the most significant events in human history took place. Ray will help us discover the wonder of the Highlands and Islands with engaging historical insight and prophetic perspective as only he can do.

We’ll explore the people and places that were epicenters of spirituality in the miraculous and mystical days of Celtic Christianity. We will visit ancient ruins as well as the sites of some of the greatest and most glorious outpourings in Revival History. We will visit places where the fires of God's glory burned with such intensity that nations came to the light. We will join our voices to the songs that have been quietened with time as James leads us in intercessory worship. Engaging daily in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs aimed at releasing healing and fanning the eternal flames of the Covenanters, holy men and women who have gone before us, having laid down their lives for their faith. We will walk where they walked and pray again their words for Scotland. We will assemble on battlefields and stand in throne rooms of earthly kings.

We’ll stand on castle walls and ask God to do the things that He holds in His heart for Scotland’s future. We will engage in times of prayer and flame-fanning, prophetic declaration. We will also make room for seaside walks and prayer strolls on cobblestone streets.

There will be prayer assignments in strategic places.

There will be more than ample time to immerse ourselves in present day Scottish culture and plenty of shopping opportunities. We schedule for time to simply experience the amazing land of Scotland. 

If dining with new and old friends in lovely restaurants with delicious food and excellent service appeals to you or, if you enjoy sleeping in hotels that you don’t want to leave, with views that draw you out for a walk in rain or shine, this might be a journey that you don’t want to miss.


A few of the places that we will be visiting:

  • The Island of Iona, thought to be the first Christian site of Scotland. This is where St. Columba established the first monastery and wrote the Book of Kells.

  • Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Castle which holds the stone of destiny.

  • Cambuslang. This is where George Whitfield preached at one of the most significant Christian gatherings in history.

  • The Battlefield of Culloden, where one battle in Scottish history took place that greatly influenced America.

  • Stirling Castle

  • Loch Ness

  • The Isle of Lewis


Scotland Itinerary


On May 5, our journeys begin as we each depart our home nations to meet up tomorrow morning at the Edinburgh, Scotland Airport


This morning begins when we all meet at the Edinburgh, Scotland Airport. Watch for all the happy faces that arrive well rested and ready for the adventures that await them. We will board the comfort of our awaiting coach and travel a short distance to our hotel. We will all use this day to recover from jet lag, take a little nap and begin breathing the crisp Scottish air. Feel free to casually wander through Edinburgh.  Take a leisurely stroll to take in this fascinating city and get your spirit, soul and body acclimated to the new climate and time zone. We will all eat dinner together and chat about our exploits ahead. 

May 7 & 8  Edinburgh

There is so much history and adventure to be experienced in Edinburgh. We will explore the Edinburgh Castle together, see the Stone of Destiny, tour the John Knox house, visit the Rosslyn Chapel and discuss the story of the Covenanters. We will learn about one of the most fascinating and important seasons in Scottish history and the lives who shaped Scottish culture through a national covenant in 1638. 

May 9  Oban

Today we will visit the site of the Cambuslang Revival where in March of 1742 “a spark of grace set the kingdom on a blaze”. George Whitfield preached one of the most powerful messages in the history of Christianity that awakened all of Scotland to a new spiritual era. This will be a spiritually significant time for us as we honor what God did at Cambuslang. We will make a stop at Bothwell Bridge where a battle took place with the covenanters 

We are also going to Dunadd, an ancient governmental seat where all the old king’s of Scotland were crowned. 

Tonight, don’t forget to charge your cameras! Tomorrow will be filled with indescribable beauty. 

May 10  Iona 

Today we will take a ferry out to the Island of Iona. This is where St. Columba established the first monastery and Celtic Christian community in Scotland. We’ll spend the day absorbing and exploring and discussing the fascinating revelations and practices that were instituted on this island. 

May 11  Inverness 

We will be driving along the beautiful Loch Ness River on our way to Inverness. 

May 12 & 13 Hebrides, Isle of Lewis

We will be taking the ferry to the Isle of Lewis where the historic Hebrides revival took place.  We will visit the Callanish Stone Circle.

May 14 Inverness

We will be traveling back to Inverness 

May 15 

We’ll be at the Battlefield of Culloden today! This was a major turning point in history for Scotland. 

May 16 & 17 Stirling

We will visit Stirling Castle and the National Wallace Monument. All the details and the drama of William Wallace’s campaign for freedom and unity is captured at the world-famous National Wallace Monument. 

May 18  Edinburgh

For our final night in Scotland we will enjoy a special farewell dinner together before packing up for the flight home. 

May 19  Edinburgh to Home

Today we will all depart from Edinburgh, Scotland airport, our lives forever changed!